101 Recipes for Audit in Psychiatry by Clare Oakley, Floriana Coccia, Neil Masson

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101 Recipes for Audit in Psychiatry

Audit is an essential activity for all psychiatrists. Involvement in audit must be evidenced by consultants for revalidation and by trainees in their Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). This book will therefore be relevant for psychiatrists of all grades. It aims to help ease the audit process by offering tried and tested recipes for conducting audits in clinical services. All the audits in this book have been undertaken by the authors and it therefore provides useful practical advice for carrying out the audits in day-to-day practice."A psychiatrist who cannot show that he or she has been involved in audit is going to be in difficulties."– Prof. Robert Howard, Dean, Royal College of Psychiatrists- Audit recipes to suit a huge range of clinical settings and services.- Save time and get added value from the audit process.- Will help you through the requirements of appointments panels and revalidation.Readership: Psychiatrists of all grades, plus other mental health professionals.

Publisher: Royal College of Psychiatrists Edited By: Clare Oakley, Floriana Coccia, Neil Masson ISBN: 9781908020642 Pages: 240