19th Century Barnsley Murders by Margaret Drinkall

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19th Century Barnsley Murders

Discover the darker history of this South Yorkshire town with these true crime stories and photos.
This book takes you on a journey into England’s past, and into the gritty industrial town of Barnsley. With a variety of true-crime tales, it reveals not only the poverty and squalor in which many people of the time lived, but also the deep-rooted prejudices and double standards of the period. 

The crimes covered include poaching in the local area, a serious poisoning of bread and butter pudding at an eating house, and the tragic story of a man who was poisoned for a joke. More sinister happenings include a case of body snatching, which brought the whole town of Barnsley to a state of complete panic, the distressing murder of a child, a brutal attack on an elderly lady, and a woman who was shot down in the street by her former marine boyfriend. 

These macabre tales reveal a side of Barnsley that is not visible in the modern town of today. The intriguing narrative and in-depth coverage of Barnsley's criminal past makes compelling reading for those interested in both British history and the darker side of human nature.
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books ISBN: 9781473830158 Pages: 160