A History of Cigarette and Trade Cards: The Magic Inside the Packet by John Broom

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A History of Cigarette and Trade Cards: The Magic Inside the Packet

How trading cards captured the popular culture—from war to sports, science to celebrities—with tips on how to start and develop your own collection.
The collection of picture cards has fascinated generations of children and adults since the late nineteenth century. Between 1900 and 1940, cartophily, as the hobby became known, became widespread as hundreds of millions of attractive cards were issued, usually with packets of cigarettes. These cards give us a unique insight into the cultural history of the period. Although the production of cigarette and other trade cards has declined in recent decades, millions of people worldwide now collect trading cards and stickers issued by the likes of Topps and Panini.
This attractive and extensively illustrated guide to collecting cigarette and other trade cards gives the reader a lively history of the hobby, and offers the collector some valuable advice on how to begin and maintain a collection. The wide variation of themes of card issues is explored, with many of the stories behind the cards revealed. It will appeal to novice and established card collectors, and those with an interest in twentieth century social and cultural history.
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books ISBN: 9781526721754 Pages: 176