A Matter of Principle by Susan Beth Pfeffer

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A Matter of Principle

When Becca and her friends publish an underground newspaper, their principles are put to the test

Becca and her friends are fed up with having their school paper controlled by the faculty. They want to run stories that reflect the real challenges high schoolers are facing at Southfield, and they’ll do it themselves if they have to.

Except when they do put out an independent underground newspaper, the first edition gets them into a lot of trouble. Becca’s dad, a lawyer, is helping her stand on principle, but not everyone can afford to deal with the repercussions the same way she does—financially or emotionally. Can Becca learn to love her friends and still let them make their own decisions, even if they make mistakes? If she doesn’t, she might not have any friends left.
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497682702 Pages: 183