A Question of Pedigree by Frank Edwards

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A Question of Pedigree

What goes on in dog shows, even those as well covered by the media as Crufts, is a mystery to many people. It certainly was to Detective Chief Superintendent Grant but, fortunately, not to his former CID colleague, now transferred to Fraud, who is diverted to a suspicious death of a human; no animals are harmed in this book! at just such a Show. That the deaths took place before the public was admitted helped to limit the list of suspects; that all of them were engrossed in their own dogs activities and keen to move onto the next competition once over, provided a testing time scale. Find the killer by closing time became a challenge in itself. You dont have to be a dog lover to enjoy this tale of intrigue, jealousies and fierce competition, set in the crowded, busy and colourful day of a national dog show. Just like the good Manager Trott, whose efficient organisation is imperilled by the police procedure and the nuisance of an unwanted corpse on the premises he controls, join Inspector Simon Yale as he strives to deduce a clear picture of what happened amid the hurly-burly of breed judging, agility excitement, and a furious fly-ball final.
Publisher: Helion & Company Ltd. ISBN: 9781908916716 Pages: 292