A Sense of Guilt by Andrea Newman

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A Sense of Guilt

A deliciously dark and powerful novel about secrets, lies and risking it all, that will have you hooked from the first page

For the ultimate betrayal, will they pay the ultimate price?

Felix Cramer has it all: a glittering career as a bestselling author, fame, money, and a devoted wife, Elizabeth. But what he desperately craves is excitement, usually in the form of extravagant affairs. Gripped by the feeling that his best days are behind him, Felix becomes captivated by the one person he should never have: Sally, his best friend’s step-daughter. When she attempts to seduce him, Felix succumbs to his desires.

Despite his infidelity, Felix adores his wife. He cannot imagine life without Elizabeth by his side. But nothing stays secret forever. When Sally realises she might be pregnant it seems inevitable that the affair will be discovered. If the truth is revealed, it could shatter the lives of all involved. For Felix, Sally, and those they love most, the price may be higher than they could ever imagine...

A Sense of Guilt is a tense and gripping suspense novel with a compelling cast of characters, perfect for fans of Peter Swanson and Liane Moriarty. Originally published in 1988, and adapted into a popular BBC series, it is widely acknowledged as an elegant and influential precursor to the modern psychological thriller.

‘From the first toe-tingling sentence… I couldn’t put this bulky, breathless, beanfeast of a novel down… those who enjoy a good juicy, meaty, passion-packed read will love it.’ Daily Mail

‘She really is a tremendous writer. Newman has the knack of conveying compassion for the hopeless prisoners of love, while at the same time showing quite clearly the damage they do’ Sunday Express

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781911420392 Pages: 300