A Sliver of Glass: And Other Uncommon Tales by Anne Mazer

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A Sliver of Glass: And Other Uncommon Tales

Eleven gripping paranormal tales from award-winning author Anne Mazer

Full of paranormal activity, haunting plot twists, and bone-chilling horror, this spellbinding collection will grip readers until the very last page. In “Glass Heart,” a tiny shard of glass flies into a girl’s eye, causing her body to grow colder and colder until she is frozen to her very bones. “Secrets” tells the story of a girl who is tormented when other people’s secrets wind around her head like the braids of her hair. A boy is tortured by creepy phone calls that turn out to be even more dangerous than he could have imagined in “Call Me Sometime.” Perhaps most frightening of all, “Thin” tells the tale of a boy who is always hungry and will do anything for food.

Each story paints a vivid and often terrifying portrait that will enthrall fans of supernatural fiction.
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781453293492 Pages: 72