A Taste of Honey by Jane Bonander

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A Taste of Honey

For a betrothed woman, a night of indulgence with a penniless man unleashes forces beyond their control in this captivating historical romance.
Athens, 1890. Seeking one last night of passion before entering into a loveless marriage, Honey DeHaviland finds much more in the arms of Nick Stamos—the very man tasked with delivering Honey to her betrothed. Although it is in Nick’s embrace that Honey finally discovers the love she longs for, she knows that marrying a penniless man would mean her father’s financial ruin.
When Honey discovers that Nick is indeed wealthy beyond comparison, she knows that acting on her true feelings would only seem shallow and mercenary. But when Nick learns the reason for Honey’s arranged marriage, he vows to win her back. All he has to do is convince her that his heart is as true as hers.
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626817586 Pages: 126