A Waterloo Hero: The Reminiscences of Friedrich Lindau by Friedrich Lindau

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A Waterloo Hero: The Reminiscences of Friedrich Lindau

“A rare example of a memoir of a private soldier from the Napoleonic Wars . . . valuable insight into the daily life and preoccupations of Wellington’s men” (HistoryOfWar.org).
By all accounts, Friedrich Lindau was a remarkable soldier of the King’s German Legion. He served with distinction under Wellington from Lisbon to as far as Bayonne, and was involved in all major engagements, including Albuera, Badajoz, Salamanca, Vitoria, and San Sebastian.
Most notably, he fought and was captured at La Haye Sainte but was the only ranking soldier mentioned by name in Major Baring’s account of the battle. For his actions he was awarded the Guelphic Medal for Bravery. That said, he had a reputation as a notorious forager and looter and was said to have killed a civilian while on leave in 1814.
More than 150 years after it was first written, A Waterloo Hero is the first ever translation of his diary. Lindau’s account is unique: no other private soldiers took part in so many engagements and recorded their experiences.
This edition includes a foreword by Lindau’s pastor, an introduction by James Bogle, and has been edited by Andrew Uffindel, author of The Eagle’s Last Triumph.
“The memoirs ring with authenticity. Lindau does not write about strategy or tactics, but of things that concern the lowest ranks—staying alive and where his next meal would come from. . . . One of my favorite memoirs and I can not recommend it enough.” —The Napoleon Series
“They make for vivid reading and are full of fascinating detail. A military memoir that fully deserves to become a classic.” —Military Illustrated Magazine
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Edited By: James Bogle, Andrew Uffindell ISBN: 9781783461639 Pages: 224