Abstract Aliases by Ritter Ames

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Abstract Aliases

“As engaging and entertaining a worldwide romp as [Counterfeit Conspiracies and Marked Masters] . . . a marvelous story” (Kings River Life Magazine).
Abstract clues lead to new questions. New leads turn to “dead” ends. A heist plot ties to forgeries. Adversaries resurface twisting an already complicated case. And art recovery expert Laurel Beacham must not only outwit criminals, but keep her wits around Jack Hawkes’s cheeky ego.
Before the criminals they were tracking headed underground, evidence pointed toward two organizations as key to an epic art heist. Despite their best efforts, Laurel and her team haven’t caught a break in months—even Jack’s unofficial intel stuttered to a halt. But on New Year’s, as Big Ben’s bell tolls midnight, the guilty return and nowhere is safe. A source in Rome is killed within hours. Other allies are attacked in Rome and London, and a contact in Germany reports dangerous shadows closing in. The nearer the answers, the higher the stakes. Worse, Jack may not be the only one Laurel must learn to trust to avoid another brush with death.
“This third tale in the author’s Bodies of Art Mystery series takes off as fast as a speeding locomotive . . . The twists in this story will keep you reading until the amazing end . . . Have a great deal of fun while delving into the art trade filled with betrayal, old secrets, greed, and some extremely strange gifts.” —Suspense Magazine
Publisher: Henery Press Publishing ISBN: 9781635110746 Pages: 268