After Eden by Joyce Brandon

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After Eden

A dangerous love triangle sets the Arizona Territory ablaze “with all the passion, excitement and savagery that romance readers could ever hope to see” (RT Book Reviews).
Teresa Garcia-Lorca grew up as the favorite daughter of the infamous Mexican revolutionary “El Gato Negro.” But when the truth of her paternity comes out, El Gato flies into a jealous rage, and Teresa must flee for her life. When she learns that her real father has died, leaving her part owner of his Tombstone ranch, her only hope for survival is to join a family she never knew. But not everyone on the ranch is happy for Teresa’s homecoming.
As the spoiled daughter of her wealthy rancher father, Judy Burkhart got everything—and every man—she ever wanted. And she’s determined to add sexy ranch hand Johnny Brago to the list. But Judy’s world shatters when her father’s will names Teresa, not her, as his real daughter. And when Teresa and Johnny discover an undeniable passion, Judy will do whatever it takes to reclaim what she believes to be hers. But Teresa has never known a love like the one she’s found with Johnny. And after evading El Gato’s vicious men, she’s determined never to run from her home again.
“An intricately woven story . . . a dramatic ending asserts the triumph of love.” —Publishers Weekly
“This is the real West . . . one of the best westerns I have ever read.” —RT Book Reviews
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626819078 Pages: 528