Agincourt, 1415: Field of Blood by B. Renfrew

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Agincourt, 1415: Field of Blood

A gripping fictionalized account of the landmark battle that turned the tide of history.
On October 25, 1415, a trapped and vastly outnumbered force of exhausted and demoralized English archers and men-at-arms faced a colossal army of French knights on a desolate field in northern France. What took place that day became one of the greatest moments of the Hundred Years’ War and English history.
Based on chronicles of the times, Agincourt 1415: Field of Blood is a dramatic, minute-by-minute retelling of the battle as seen through the eyes of the commanders and soldiers on both sides. This is a brutal, bloody, and captivating retelling of a major British victory written by a Pulitzer Prize finalist. This work sets a new standard for historical fiction.
“If you look for a book to read on a chair next to the fireplace holding a glass of whiskey, this book is highly recommendable.” —Historic Battlefield Tours
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books ISBN: 9781784382148 Pages: 208