Albion by Chris Thompson

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God bless this country, God bless karaoke

and God save the Queen

It’s Saturday night at The Albion, a proper East End boozer and the unofficial home of the English Protection Army. Get your names in early: it’s karaoke night and it’s gonna be big.

Little brother Jayson’s out front smashing it on the mic but

behind the scenes the leadership of the EPA is falling apart.

Paul knows the public won’t listen to a bunch of hooligans but

his deputy Kyle wants a fight. Christine’s sure that the key

to success is in the company you keep and the language you


This is England and it’s time to take it back.

This explosive new play examines the turbulent rise of the new far right in modern-day Britain. When they embrace diversity, just how far can the far right go?

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783196456 Pages: 104