AMIDRISHTI - The Divine Attitude by Acharya Bhuvanbhanu Suri

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AMIDRISHTI - The Divine Attitude

About the Book Amidrishti - The Divine Attitude provides knowledge to live a life full of purpose and peace. This simple tale of two brothers provides guidance to the art of living with greater spiritual and emotional intelligence. A wonderfully crafted tale, the book narrates the extraordinary life of Amichand, a virtuous merchant who confronts challenges in life through his faith and patience. A life-changing odyssey, his journey provides powerful practical lessons that teach us to:

Nourish relationships with family members

Cultivate self-discipline

Deal with adversities in life

Be a benefactor to all including our own family members The story is all about relationships but there is a learning to one's own self also, which is very powerful.

Also available in Gujarati as "Amichand ni Amidrishti" and in Hindi as "Amrut Drashti".

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9789352016983 Pages: 204