An Evil Streak by Andrea Newman

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An Evil Streak

‘The sense of power made my head swim long before I tasted the champagne.’

Gemma Kyle is her uncle’s only source of delight. She is everything that he is not: beautiful and affectionate, innocent and carefree. From childhood, she has turned to him for advice. And in return he has led her astray…

Gemma’s life is secure and outwardly happy. Her husband is a successful doctor. She has two children, an au pair, and no need to work. But she is bored, and when Alexander, her uncle, meets David, an out-of-work actor, he decides that Gemma must meet him too.

What could be more delicious than to corrupt her?

As Alexander and Gemma delve deeper into a dangerous game, things threaten to unravel completely…

Disturbing and unputdownable, An Evil Streak is a masterly story of love, sex, and the lies we tell each other – and ourselves.

Praise for An Evil Streak

‘I was quite unable to put it down – a marvellous tour de force.’ Margaret Drabble

‘Its readability has an uncommon hold, and the narrative brings unexpected bends, dips and heights… The book itself glows with inner balance. Buy it.’ The Times

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781911420385 Pages: 300