An Infamous Mistress: The Life, Loves and Family of the Celebrated Grace Dalrymple Elliott by Joanne Major, Sarah Murden

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An Infamous Mistress: The Life, Loves and Family of the Celebrated Grace Dalrymple Elliott

Courtesan. Spy. Survivor. A gripping and meticulously researched account of the swashbuckling life of one of history’s most overlooked heroines.” —Hallie Rubenhold, author of The Five
Divorced wife, infamous mistress, prisoner in France during the French Revolution, and the reputed mother of the Prince of Wales’ child, notorious courtesan Grace Dalrymple Elliott lived an amazing life in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century London and Paris.
Strikingly tall and beautiful, later lampooned as “Dally the Tall” in newspaper gossip columns, she left her Scottish roots and convent education behind to reinvent herself in a “marriage à-la-mode,” but before she was even legally an adult she was cast off and forced to survive on just her beauty and wits.
The authors of this engaging and, at times, scandalous book intersperse the story of Grace’s tumultuous life with a family history that traces her ancestors from their origin in the Scottish borders, to their move south to London. It follows them to France, America, India, Africa, and elsewhere, offering a broad insight into the social history of the Georgian era, comprising the ups and downs, the highs and lows of life at that time.
“A fascinating read . . . a shining example of research done well, presented coherently on the perfect subject: a powerful courtesan that time forgot.” —History of Royals
“Set for the first time in the context of Grace’s wider family, this is a compelling tale of scandal and intrigue.” —Scots Heritage Magazine
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books ISBN: 9781473844841 Pages: 272