An Unquiet Grave by P.J. Parrish

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An Unquiet Grave

The body of a long-dead woman is stolen—leading to a twisted modern-day mystery—in “a quality read that will remind many of Dennis Lehane” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).
In a remote corner of the Michigan woods, behind rusted iron gates and crumbling stone walls, lie one of the country’s most notorious sanitariums and its forgotten cemetery. The sprawling ruin is empty now, and the bulldozers have come to raze it. But as they do, a terrifying secret begins to emerge.
What happened to the woman who should be buried there? Private investigator Louis Kincaid has traveled all the way from Florida to find out, at the request of his foster father, who shared a secret past with her. It’s a question no one will answer—and it leads Kincaid to the long, dark tunnels below the asylum and crimes of unimaginable depravity . . .
Now, in a place where the walls are stained with secrets, the air thick with the lingering history of screams, Kincaid is on his darkest journey yet, matching wits with a monster whose work will not be silenced.
From a New York Times–bestselling author, this is a “gripping and atmospheric” novel in the Edgar Award–nominated series by an author “in the front rank of thriller writers” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).
“[Kincaid] and P. J. Parrish get better with every book.” —Orlando Sentinel
“A really fine writer.” —John Sandford
Publisher: Pinnacle ISBN: 9780786037193 Pages: 431