Army of the Potomac: McClellan's First Campaign, March–May 1862 by Russel H. Beatie

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Army of the Potomac: McClellan's First Campaign, March–May 1862

The third volume of this masterful Civil War history series covers the pivotal early months of General George McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign.
As he did in his first two volumes of this magisterial series, Russel Beatie tells the story largely through the eyes and from the perspective of high-ranking officers, staff officers, and politicians. This study is based upon extensive firsthand research (including many previously unused and unpublished sources) that rewrites the history of Little Mac’s inaugural effort to push his way up the peninsula and capture Richmond in one bold campaign.
In meticulous fashion, Beatie examines many heretofore unknown, ignored, or misunderstood facts and events and uses them to evaluate the campaign in the most balanced historical context to date. Every aspect of these critically important weeks is examined, from how McClellan’s Urbanna plan unraveled and led to the birth of the expedition that debarked at Fort Monroe in March 1862, to the aftermath of Williamsburg. To capture the full flavor of their experiences, Beatie employs the “fog of war” technique, which puts the reader in the position of the men who led the Union army. The Confederate adversaries are always present but often only in shadowy forms that achieve firm reality only when we meet them face-to-face on the battlefield.
Well written, judiciously reasoned, and extensively footnoted, McClellan’s First Campaign will be heralded as the seminal work on this topic. Civil War readers may not always agree with Beatie’s conclusions, but they will concur that his account offers an original examination of the Army of the Potomac’s role on the Virginia peninsula.
“If you want to understand the war in the east, this series is essential.” —Civil War Books and Authors
Publisher: Savas Beatie ISBN: 9781611210217 Pages: 864