As Is: A Novel by Rachel Michael Arends

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As Is: A Novel

The debut novel from the author of Help Yourself and Settling—a moving story of love, loyalty, and going on with life when there’s not much left to go on . . .
Gwendolyn Golden and Armand Leopold are America’s go-to couple for home decorating tips, letting the cameras into their “So Perfect” house, “So Perfect” marriage, and “So Perfect” life. But when a picture of Armand kissing another man hits the newsstands, their “So Perfect” empire crumbles.
While Armand deals with his very private life becoming very public, Gwen returns home to Riveredge, a quiet town where her father and sister still live . . . along with the guy who got away. After years of pretending, it’s time for Gwen to rebuild her life for real. Her first task is turning a new house into a home. But reconnecting with the man she once loved may be the most difficult challenge of all.
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626812949 Pages: 206