Babyface by Norma Fox Mazer

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When Toni’s luck runs out, real life comes calling

Toni and Julie were both born right after their parents moved in next to one another, and the two girls have hardly been separated since. Julie is tall and outspoken and stands up for herself, but really she’s just trying to survive until she turns eighteen so she can move out before her parents’ constant fighting drives her crazy. Meanwhile, Toni, small and shy, has the perfect family: no financial worries and two parents who obviously adore her. Compared to Julie, Toni knows she’s lucky.
But when Julie’s mom moves her family to San Francisco for the summer, Toni faces new challenges. Some changes are fun, like getting to know the cutest boy in school—but some, like discovering that maybe your family isn’t as perfect as you thought, aren’t quite so easy.
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497650862 Pages: 167