Back in the Saddle by Bonnie Bryant

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Back in the Saddle

If only the Pine Hollow girls could be as good at relationships as they are at riding horses

After scoring well on the PSATs, Carole is finally getting some of the privileges back from before she was grounded. Even though she can’t work or see her friends as much as she used to, her dad is letting her go to Pine Hollow four days a week, which means she gets to see Ben.
Since returning from California, Lisa and Alex haven’t been the same. They decide to take a “break” from their relationship, but what does that really mean? Meanwhile, Stevie’s first assignment on the school paper is about marriage. It’s not exactly hard-hitting journalism, but she just may learn a thing or two about romance while writing it. 
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497654105 Pages: 249