Badger Games by Jon A. Jackson

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Badger Games

A criminal couple joins a nefarious underground organization in this novel full of “sharp characterization, vivid scenes, and offbeat humor” (The Oregonian).
When anyone in the Detroit underworld hears the names Joe Service and Helen Sedlacek, they know lots of trouble—and bullet-riddled bodies—are sure to follow.
That’s why Joe and Helen are perfect recruits for the Lucani—a group of rogue operatives, covert intelligence, and cold-blooded killers who bypass all those pesky laws and government red tape to get the dirtiest jobs done.
For their first assignment, Joe and Helen are back in beautiful Butte, Montana, searching for Franko, a Lucani agent who supposedly vanished while on an overseas drug-busting mission. But what starts as a simple manhunt quickly spins out of control, with backstabbing, betrayal, and bloodshed all over.
Luckily for Joe and Helen, that’s just another day at the office . . . 
“Great fun . . . there is plenty of action, low-key black humor, and Jackson’s perfect ear for the nuances of criminal speech.” —Chicago Tribune
Publisher: Grove Press ISBN: 9780802199560 Pages: 336