Ballet! by Tom Murphy

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A novel of murder, romance, and Cold War espionage set in the world of professional ballet, by the author of Lily Cigar.
One by one they died. In Paris. In Switzerland. In Ireland. In California. The most gifted and famous Soviet defectors: victims of an unknown assassin, pawns in a monstrous game.
One prize target remains. Dima Lubov. He is the most celebrated new ballet star, leaping from triumph to triumph on stage and plunging into a passionate love affair with Jennifer Hale, the exquisite American prima ballerina who is the perfect partner in his art and in his arms.
But a global orchestration of evil is mounting towards a crescendo as the pair of unsuspecting lovers dance ever closer to the abyss . . .
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626813922 Pages: 384