Bedazzled by Bertrice Small

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New York Times–bestselling author: “Breathless . . . suspense, sensuality and romance” collide for a bold heiress in seventeenth-century Europe (Publishers Weekly).
Lady India Lindley is accustomed to having her own way in everything—and marriage is no exception. Determined to elope, she boards a ship bound for Italy with her intended. But when Ottoman pirates capture the vessel, Lady India finds herself a slave to the mysterious and very commanding Caynan Reis, ruler of the Barbary state of El Sinut. He makes it quite clear that she is no longer in charge. That’s his first mistake.
Caynan is intrigued by the headstrong beauty, whose passions and will are as strong as his own. Clearly this is not a treasure he can steal but one he must earn. Very well. Showing the lady how accommodating he can be will be pure pleasure. But what starts as an erotic game of sensual surrender soon yields to a love beyond their wildest fantasies, one that could destroy them both.
Bedazzled is a gem.” —Romantic Times
Publisher: Kensington ISBN: 9780758272935 Pages: 388