Better Than All Right by Susan Beth Pfeffer

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Better Than All Right

The darker the truth, the deeper you hide it—but  what happens when you can’t hide anymore?

Innocence, I guess, is not my image. 

Sixteen-year-old Iris knows that between her bohemian playwright father who lives off the grid in the New Mexican desert and her mother, to whom getting married (but not staying married) is a full-time job, she’s led an unorthodox life, which hasn’t left with her with a lot of childhood illusions. So it’s no surprise when her mom sends her to spend the summer with her aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Iris’s younger cousin Caryn is different. She’s only fourteen, and much more sheltered. Aunt Elaine hopes that Iris will be good company for Caryn, and when the girls meet an appealing young man at the pool and all three become friends, it seems her plan just might be working. But for Iris, making things work means keeping secrets from Caryn. If Iris can’t pretend to be someone she isn’t all summer long, will she still be all right?
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497682771 Pages: 102