Black Lives, Black Words by Reginald Edmund

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Black Lives, Black Words

Do Black Lives Matter?

Selected and edited by the award winning American playwright Reginald Edmund, who produced Black Lives, Black Words across the US, which premiered in Chicago, July 2015. The international project has explored the black diaspora’s experiences in some of the largest multicultural cities in the world, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Toronto and London. Over sixty Black writers from the UK, USA, and Canada have each written a short play to address Black issues today. Featured in this collection are:

Reginald Edmund, Idris Goodwin, James Austin, Williams,Rachel Dubose,Becca C. Browne,Marsha Estell,Aaron Holland,Loy A. Webb,Lisa Langford,Christina Ham,Harrison David Rivers,Dominique Morisseau,Winsome Pinnock,Trish Cooke,Mojisola Adebayo,Rachel De-Lahay,Max Kolaru,Yolanda Mercy,Somalia Seaton,Courttia Newland,Luke Reece,Tawiah BenEben, M’CarthyKanika Ambrose.Jordan Laffrenier.Meghan Swaby.Mary Ann Anane.Allie Woodson.Elliot Sagay.Amira Danan.Cat Davidson.Noelle Fourte and Kori Alston

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd Edited By: Reginald Edmund ISBN: 9781786821522 Pages: 336