Blood Bath by Susan D. Mustafa, Tony Clayton, Sue Israel

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Blood Bath

The first comprehensive account of South Louisiana serial killer Derrick Todd Lee, his victims, and the men and women who fought to catch him.
Two murders confirmed. Seven more to which he was linked. Ten which remain unsolved but suspicious. In the 1990s and early 2000s, a man, known in the community as a father, husband, friend, and colleague, unleashed a reign of terror over South Louisiana. Task forces were created, and arrests were made—but nothing stopped Derrick Todd Lee until a thin shred of DNA evidence finally linked him to one of his unfortunate victims.
Replete with details not only about Lee and his dastardly crimes, but about the victims linked to his actions, the prosecutors and investigators who worked tirelessly to catch him, and the murders of ten other women that are circumstantially connected to the killer, Blood Bath is a harrowing and extensive look at one of the most terrifying maniacs in modern history—the true story of a monster hiding in plain sight.
Publisher: Pinnacle ISBN: 9780786026814 Pages: 353