Blood Frenzy by Robert Scott

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Blood Frenzy

From the New York Times–bestselling author: The true story of a rage-fueled serial killer and justice served after he left his girlfriend for dead.
Frankie Cochran knew her boyfriend, David Gerard, was possessive, controlling, and prone to violent rages. When she tried to break up with him, Gerard threatened her with a hammer. One week later, he used it to club her in the head. Again. And again. Then he stabbed her in the throat—and left her for dead.
Miraculously, Cochran survived—but cops began to suspect Gerard of other vicious crimes. One of his previous girlfriends had died in a house fire, along with her children and mother. A local prostitute’s brutalized body was found in a pool of blood. But it was the unsolved murder of another woman—repeatedly run over on a country road—that finally exposed Gerard as a rage-driven monster.
Justice finally caught up with Gerard. Hounded by the tireless efforts of detectives and incriminated by DNA evidence as well as up-to-date forensics that matched the tire marks at a crime scene to Gerard’s car, one of the Pacific Northwest’s most dangerous killers was finally locked behind bars.
Includes 16 pages of shocking photos!
Publisher: Pinnacle ISBN: 9780786031047 Pages: 318