Boris Godunov and the Little Tragedies by Alexander Pushkin

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Boris Godunov and the Little Tragedies

Boris Godunov recounts the tragic conflict between Tsar Boris and the pretender Dimitri. Following the death of Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov became regent for the feeble-minded Tsar Fyodor, the heir to whose throne, the boy-prince Dimitri, died mysteriously in 1591. It was widely rumoured that Boris had murdered him, and when a renegade monk later appeared claiming to be Dimitri, he rapidly became a focus for revolt.

The four other plays in this volume belong to Pushkin's Little Tragedies. They are A Feast in Time of Plague, The Miserly Knight, Mozart and Salieri and The Stone Guest.

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd Translated By: Stephen Mulrine ISBN: 9781783192878 Pages: 152