Broken Doll by Burl Barer

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Broken Doll

The shocking true story of the Puget Sound child-killer—as seen on America’s Most Wanted—from the Edgar Award–winning author of Body Count.
On the night of March 31, 1995, in Everett, Washington, seven-year-old Roxanne Doll was abducted from the bedroom she shared with her younger sister. It was not until the following morning that her mother discovered Roxanne’s disappearance. A week later, Roxanne’s body was found. Evidence led investigators to a man the family had trusted as a friend: Richard Clark. Until then, they had no idea of his dark side. But years later, in a shocking courtroom display, they’d be confronted with it again.
Here is the brutal, heartbreaking true story of the crimes and punishment of a monster who preyed on the most vulnerable victims of all—and of the determined prosecutor who swore to bring him to justice.
Publisher: Pinnacle ISBN: 9780786037766 Pages: 304