Classic Cheese Cookery by Peter Graham

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Classic Cheese Cookery

This award-winning book is the most definitive collection of cheese cookery ever to be gathered together in one volume. The eighteen chapters which encompass over 300 recipes cover toasted and melted cheese, soups, pasta, pancakes, tarts, sauces, pastry, in fact every conceivable recipe for the cheese lover. Alongside traditional recipes for souffls, gratins, quiches and cheesecakes are an enticing array of simple snacks and salads. Inspired combinations, such as pears with pecorino and prawns with feta will tempt the adventurous, while vegetarians will be delighted by the fascinating and extensive variety that cheese cookery offers them. A detailed checklist of cheeses guides the intrepid and the uninitiated alike, so whether you are searching for a new pasta sauce, an alternative to Welsh rarebit, or a refreshing approach to entertaining, "Classic Cheese Cookery", with over 300 recipes, has something for every occasion.
Publisher: Grub Street Publishing ISBN: 9781909808850 Pages: 288