Classic Playground Games: From Hopscotch to Simon Says by Susan Brewer

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Classic Playground Games: From Hopscotch to Simon Says

“[A] combination of history and meaning behind favorite playground games and the verses . . . virtually guaranteed to make you laugh and sing” (Fiona Shoop, author of How to Deal in Antiques).
This delightful book records favorite childhood games and recalls forgotten rhymes. With more children suffering from obesity, Susan Brewer looks at the social games we used to play from skipping to chase games that used up our energy during recess.
Instead of costly computer games, we used rhyming games, played Jacks, and showed our balancing skills during competitive games of hopscotch. A charming book, full of anecdotes and nostalgia for how we remember our favorite place at school—the playground.
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books ISBN: 9781844689064 Pages: 192