Clickbait by Milly Thomas

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‘Your appeal is that you look piss ordinary.
You’re not ugly and you’re not a Kardashian.
You look like a normal person.
A normal person that makes porn …’

Nicola Barker is in trouble. A video has been made, and she is the unwitting star. In a bid to stop the footage being used against her, Nicola makes a snap decision: to post it online herself.

What started as a drunken night in a dirty club ends with a unique business opportunity for Nicola and her two sisters, changing the meaning of ‘amateur porn’ forever.

A darkly comic new play from the writer/director team behind A First World Problem, this is a blistering study of our attitudes to porn, and the women who make it for themselves.

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783197231 Pages: 96