Cooking Like Mummyji: Real Indian Food from the Family Home by Vicky Bhogal

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Cooking Like Mummyji: Real Indian Food from the Family Home

Cooking Like Mummyji was first published to great acclaim and garnered thousands of loyal fans in 2003 but has been unavailable for almost 10 years. It won the Jeremy Round Award for Best First Book at the Guild of Food Writers Awards and was short-listed for Best Book at the Glenfiddich Awards. Now back in a fully revised, redesigned edition with newly commissioned photography the author reveals in over 100 recipes the secrets of British Asian food. These are the recipes from her family and friends; Indian cooking but adapted using British ingredients. Vicky says our home food is much simpler than the food you find in Indian restaurants. We use very few spices. The same ingredients are generally used for everything but, like musical notes, can be combined in many different ways to create beautiful melodies. Many of the names of her dishes will be familiar to aficionados of high-street Indian restaurants but Vickys versions are healthier, with fresher, more vivid flavours.
Publisher: Grub Street Publishing ISBN: 9781911621652 Pages: 224