Corey in the Saddle by Bonnie Bryant

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Corey in the Saddle

Corey can’t seem to control her pony—is she as good a rider as she thought?

Corey, May, and Jasmine are all nervous about performing at the County Animal Rescue League fundraiser—it’s for an important cause, and the audience will be huge. Corey has worked hard to get her pony, Samurai, ready for the demonstration—but when it’s showtime, Samurai just won’t seem to cooperate.

Suddenly, Corey feels she may not actually be that good a rider. What other reason could there be for her frisky pony’s refusal to obey her? The other Pony Tails know it can’t be Corey’s fault, and it’s up to them to figure out what to do.
Publisher: Open Road Media Young Readers ISBN: 9781497653429 Pages: 81