Corey's Christmas Wish by Bonnie Bryant

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Corey's Christmas Wish

Christmas is tough when your parents are divorced, but Corey has a plan to bring 
everyone the merriest Christmas ever

With the County Animal Rescue League preparing for its annual Christmas party, the Pony Tails are busy shopping for Christmas presents for all of the animals. But Corey is distracted. It’s the first Christmas since her parents got divorced, and the only present she wants this year is for them to get back together.

To make matters worse, Corey’s mom has been spending a lot of time with Mr. Lee. Corey worries that Mr. Lee will propose, and then there will be no hope of her family reuniting. It may take a Christmas miracle for Corey to be happy this holiday season.
Publisher: Open Road Media Young Readers ISBN: 9781497653672 Pages: 76