Cougar Tracks by Paul Lederer

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Cougar Tracks

To avenge his beloved, an old tracker comes out of retirement

After years fighting the Apache for the United States Army, Carroll Cougar builds a cabin in the heart of the Texas prairie. When a local rancher tries to take it away from him, Cougar takes a stand, waiting in the trees when the rancher and his son come to attack. With a few shots from his .56 Spencer, he defends his property, believing that peace is his at last. But another disturbance soon follows, from a completely unexpected source.
An old army buddy reaches Cougar with a letter from President Grant begging the tracker to join up for one last mission. It isn’t the president’s name that convinces him—it’s the name of the target: Solon Reineke, the gunman who murdered the only woman Cougar ever loved. For the sake of vengeance, he will pick up the trail one last time, even if it means never knowing peace again.
Publisher: Open Road Media ISBN: 9781497694002 Pages: 156