Cutter's Trial by Allen Wyler

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Cutter's Trial

From the author of Deadly Odds: Politics and medicine collide in the courtroom—as a doctor stands trial for his role in a patient’s assisted suicide.
With a tumor in her brain, Meredith Costello knew too well what kind of debilitating agony she faced. And so did her physician. Neurologist Alex Cutter had watched a myriad of patients die lingering deaths from the same affliction: their brains slowly deteriorated while their minds remained intact and fully aware. So when Costello begged Cutter to help her take back control—if not of her life, then at least of her death—he did what he thought was right.
Now he’s being called a murderer. With his freedom and reputation on the line, Cutter must decide whether to give in to the pressures of a deeply religious and conservative Southern community—or risk everything by standing trial to fight for what he believes.
This is a suspenseful medical and legal drama from an author who, in the words of New York Times–bestselling author Joseph Finder, “takes us behind the scenes to show us things the medical establishment doesn’t want us to see.”
Publisher: Astor + Blue Editions ISBN: 9781941286159 Pages: 316