D, My Name Is Danita by Norma Fox Mazer

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D, My Name Is Danita

Danita knows that nobody’s perfect, but it’s never easy to admit that might include your own parents

Danita’s parents love to remind their daughter that she weighed less than a loaf of bread when she was born, but now that she’s almost fourteen and perfectly healthy, Danita really wishes they’d give her some space. Obviously still in love and completely devoted to their family, even Danita’s best friend, Laredo, thinks Mr. and Mrs. Merritt are the ideal parents, but Danita can’t help wanting them to focus on anything—or anyone—else.
Danita’s wish is about to come true, but is it more than she bargained for?
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781504011235 Pages: 162