Danger Guys: The Complete Series by Tony Abbott

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Danger Guys: The Complete Series

Their first names are Noodle and Zeek, but their middle names are “Danger”—in this “exciting” series from the author of the Secrets of Droon (Booklist).
Best buddies Noodle and Zeek love adventure—and that’s a good thing, because they clearly can’t stay out of trouble. “A throwback to the Hardy Boys” mixed with “plotting reminiscent of Saturday-morning cartoons,” award-winning author Tony Abbott’s high-energy series is pure fun (Booklist). This complete set of all six books kicks off with Danger Guys, a “good-natured parody of the likes of Indiana Jones films” (Publishers Weekly).
Danger Guys: Best friends Noodle and Zeek are among the first in line when a new store selling survival gear, Danger Guy, opens in their mall. But when a small room in the store turns out to be the back of a truck, they’re in for a terrifying ride to an ancient temple full of treasures.
Danger Guys Blast Off: When Noodle and Zeek discover their old science teacher is actually an evil scientist who wants to blow up their school, they must defeat a giant robot, learn to fly a rocket, and defuse the bomb before it’s too late.
Danger Guys: Hollywood Halloween: The boys can’t wait to tour a real Hollywood movie studio—until electronic props go haywire and the friends must battle an evil robot, a sneezing dinosaur, and a deadly mummy.
Danger Guys Hit the Beach: Noodle and Zeek are about to discover that stopping treasure hunters is no day at the beach.
Danger Guys on Ice: On a skiing trip, the boys stumble upon frozen cavemen—and their cold-blooded former science teacher, the evil Mr. Vazny, who plans to reanimate the cavemen and use them to destroy Mayville.
Danger Guys and the Golden Lizard: On a jungle quest for the legendary Golden Lizard, the boys must rescue a kidnapped husband-and-wife explorer team, fight off ninja linebackers, and find the treasure before the bad guys.
Publisher: Open Road Media ISBN: 9781504054751 Pages: 355