Dead Wrong by Allen Wyler

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Dead Wrong

In this “heart-pounding, gritty medical thriller,” a top-secret government program involving memory implants puts a neurosurgeon in the crossfire (R. Barri Flowers).
The government has been transplanting harrowing memories into the minds of innocent people. Now the program is in danger of being exposed, and they will stop at nothing to keep it secret. Seattle neurosurgeon Tom McCarthy is contemplating a relaxing weekend when two Department of Defense investigators raid his office, accusing him of a crime he didn’t commit. When they start firing their weapons, leaving one coworker dead, McCarthy has no choice but to run.
Trapped inside the labyrinth of corridors, heating ducts, and stairways of a gigantic medical center, McCarthy unwittingly pulls Dr. Sarah Hamilton into the fray. Bound together in a deadly game of cat and mouse, their only hope for survival is to uncover a government conspiracy with terrifying implications.
The novels by neurosurgeon Allen Wyler have been praised by New York Times–bestselling author Tess Gerritsen for their “lightning-paced excitement and fascinating science”—and Dead Wrong will keep medical thriller fans on the edge of their seats.
Publisher: Astor + Blue Editions ISBN: 9781938231155 Pages: 404