Dear Bill, Remember Me?: And Other Stories by Norma Fox Mazer

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Dear Bill, Remember Me?: And Other Stories

Eight extraordinary stories of heartbreak, growing up, and the importance of finding your voice 

Everything changes eventually. Jessie Granatstein doesn’t think she’ll have anything to say in the journal her teacher asks her to write—until suddenly, the words come tumbling out. Zoe Eberhardt has been raised and cherished by the strong, powerful women in her family, but when she turns fourteen, she starts to see that she’ll soon have to establish an identity of her own. Marylee is quiet and thoughtful—unlike her confident, sparkling mother. But when she sees something she’s not supposed to, she realizes it might be time to start speaking out.

For the young women in these stories, growing up may be complicated, but it always leads in surprising new directions. 
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497650886 Pages: 197