Death Storms the Shore by Noreen Wald

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Death Storms the Shore

“A stylish and sophisticated Miss Marple, seeking justice in sunny South Florida instead of a rainy English Village.” —Victoria Thompson, author of the Gaslight Mysteries
He forecasts the weather on TV to the delight of his many fans. But his fellow residents at Ocean Vista Condominiums are less fond of Uncle Weatherwise, especially when a hurricane—that he predicted would bypass Palmetto Beach—instead heads straight for their town.
The morning after a frantic evacuation, Kate is blown away when she stumbles upon the corpse of Uncle Weatherwise, with a sharpened weather vane pointed in the direction of his heart. Suddenly Kate’s neighbors are her suspects, from a retired Rockette to a former federal prosecutor to a man dressed mysteriously in crisply pressed pajamas. And before she knows it, Kate is hot on a trail of clues that may lead back to the Cold War . . .
“A warm and funny heroine.” —Nancy Martin, author of the Blackbird Sisters Mysteries
“[Wald] is a very funny lady!” —Donna Andrews, New York Times–bestselling author of the Meg Langslow Mysteries
“Kate Kennedy’s wry wit, genuine kindness, and openness to adventure make her a sleuth to cherish.” —Carolyn Hart, New York Times–bestselling author of the Death on Demand Mysteries
Publisher: Henery Press Publishing ISBN: 9781943390984 Pages: 226