Desired Discipline: Part One: A Box Set by Tori Carson

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Desired Discipline: Part One: A Box Set

Bondage Anniversary

Can bondage save a marriage? Once Nick uncovers Laura’s hidden desire for BDSM, there’s no going back. Laura craves his touch, but Master Nick wants more than her body. He demands her total submission.

Bondage Celebration

Laura refused to say ‘obey’ at their wedding. Now Nick thinks he’s found the key to her obedience. Will Laura fall into line or rebel against his unfair sex-tactics?

Bondage Wedding

Amanda sought a man with a gentle spirit—a poet, or an artist. How could she fall passionately in love with this bad boy with a rope and a spanking fetish?

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd ISBN: 9781786864550 Pages: 458