Diana of the Dunes: The True Story of Alice Gray by Janet Zenke Edwards

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Diana of the Dunes: The True Story of Alice Gray

The true story of a woman who abandoned Chicago for a secluded life in a remote shack—and became an early twentieth-century sensation.
In the fall of 1915, an educated woman named Alice Gray traded her life in bustling Chicago for a solitary journey in the remote sand hills of northwest Indiana along Lake Michigan. Living in a fisherman’s shack, she measured herself against nature rather than society’s rigid conventions. Her audacity so bewitched reporters and a curious public that she became a legend in her own time—she became “Diana of the Dunes.”
Over a century later, the story is still a popular folktale, but questions remain. Who was Alice Gray? Why did this Phi Beta Kappa scholar leave Chicago? What happened to her soul mate, Paul Wilson? In this first-ever book about Diana of the Dunes, the mystery of Alice Gray is revealed by those who knew her and through new research. Excerpts from her dunes diary are published here for the first time since 1918. In these pages, rediscover the legend of Diana of the Dunes—and learn the truth.
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9781614230465 Pages: 163