Digital citizenship education: Volume 2: Multi-stakeholder consultation report by Janice Richardson, Elizabeth Milovidov

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Digital citizenship education: Volume 2: Multi-stakeholder consultation report

An analysis of good practices, research findings, lessons learned and resources identified across Europe in the area of digital citizenship: empowerment of children through education

Most young people in Europe today were born and have grown up in the digital era. Education authorities have the duty to ensure that these digital citizens are fully aware of the norms of appropriate behaviour when using constantly evolving technology and participating in digital life.

Despite worldwide efforts to address such issues, there is a clear need for education authorities to take the lead on digital citizenship education and integrate it into school curricula. In 2016, the Education Department of the Council of Europe began work to develop new policy orientations and strategies to help educators face these new challenges and to empower young people by helping them to acquire the competences they need to participate actively and responsibly in digital society.

This second volume in the Digital Citizenship Education series contains the results of a multi-stakeholder consultation to identify good practices regarding digital citizenship education and the gaps and challenges to be met in formal and informal learning contexts. It examines the role the development of digital citizenship competence plays in education, considers the types of online resources and contemporary information technologies used in educational settings, and details the administrative and legal responsibilities for school leaders, teachers, students and parents.

Publisher: Primento Digital Publishing ISBN: 9789287185891 Pages: 94