Dinosaur Land: Sky High! by M. J. Misra

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Dinosaur Land: Sky High!

An exciting and warm-hearted new series about dinosaurs for kids who love adventure.

In Dinosaur Land there is always a new problem to solve. When Max returns to visit his friends he finds a little pterodactyl that has forgotten how to fly . . . and there’s a predator on the loose. Can Max help the pterodactyl to join his flock before danger strikes?

Find out in Sky High!

M. J. Misra’s fun new Dinosaur Land series is the perfect read for young readers wanting to exploration and adventure from their dinosaur books.

And packed full of illustrations, maps and collectable stickers, these sweet stories are guaranteed to get developing readers become avid ones – both boys and girls.

Publisher: Egmont UK Ltd ISBN: 9781780312460 Pages: 128