Domestic Violence and Mental Health by Louise Howard, Gene Feder, Roxanne Agnew-Davies

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Domestic Violence and Mental Health

People with mental health problems are more likely to be victims of domestic violence than the general population. This book gives practical guidance on how mental health professionals can identify and respond to domestic violence experienced by their patients. It covers the prevalence of domestic violence, its association with mental health problems and the current evidence base on effective interventions to reduce abuse and improve mental health. It includes liaison with other agencies, such as social care, the police and the domestic violence sector, and gives information on relevant medico-legal issues in order to prepare professionals to present evidence in court.Comprehensive resource for mental health professionals.Practical advice on how to help those affected by domestic violence.Written by international experts on this major public health problem.

Publisher: Royal College of Psychiatrists Edited By: Louise Howard, Gene Feder, Roxanne Agnew-Davies ISBN: 9781909726093 Pages: 242