Don’t Jump To Conclusion by Mandar Chitre

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Don’t Jump To Conclusion

‘Amazing & heart-warming stories which will lead to a positive change in your life’

This book contains nine stories. Each story could help you answer the following questions which are or could be bothering you.

1. Is the company policy unfair & possibly affecting your personal life ?

2. Are you facing difficulties while handling contract workers ?

3. How to expose a corrupt manager who is bleeding the company ?

4. How to win when you have lost your job, messed up family & no future ?

5. What to do when a crime syndicate is working close or parallel to your company ?

6. Have you recognised your core competence & tried to develop it ?

7. How to handle a horrible boss, tough market & win the game ?

8. How to grow in an organisation with dirty politics & win against the big guys ?

9. What are the effects of greed & how to break out of it ?

A good read for getting some right thoughts in case these situations come up in the future.

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9789386487100 Pages: 220