Downtown by Norma Fox Mazer

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In real-life, happily ever after can be hard to come by

Pete Greenwood loves history. Any era or country will do as long as the books are lengthy and full of the past. But that may be because Pete’s own history is a work of fiction. For the last eight years, he’s lived with his uncle Gene under an assumed name. He’s had to keep his parents’ existence a secret ever since they committed an act of political protest that went tragically wrong.
Living a double life makes Pete feel isolated and alone until he meets the cool and collected Cary Longstreet. Cary’s playing a role too—looking perfect on the outside to hide secrets of her own. Slowly learning to trust each other, Pete and Cary start to share their truths, both of them dreaming of happy endings to their stories and the chance to let go of all their worries. But real life doesn’t always wrap itself up as neatly as we’d like.
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497650893 Pages: 218